I have worked with Becky, over many years and through many books. I have been known to accept a book only if she is the art director and I will continue to do so wherever possible. She is extremely thorough careful and firm when she thinks you are wrong.Wonderfully whatever subject you present her with she grasps the problem and one’s passions and ideas and gets to work on it as though she is very familiar with the subject. She is patient with one’s endless changes as a neurotic photographer and you always know when your time is up and you can make no more. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and hopefully will continue to do so.

Sandra Lousada, Photographer


Becky and I  have collaborated on a number of books, including Goodwood House (2007), The Houses of the Lake District (2011) and Window- box Allotment (2012), which was illustrated with Becky’s watercolours and my photographs. But another real test came with my book Covent Garden: Then and Now, published in May 2013. This combines my work from 30–40 years ago with new work in Covent Garden during 2011–2012 – truly an enormous number of pictures to work through and edit down to manageable proportions. Throughout the entire process Becky worked with humour, clarity and dedication, and she was able to hold the concept of the book in mind whilst working through hundreds of pictures, with me constantly adding to the mix as I found them in dusty boxes under the bed, as it were, and continuing to shoot more modern day comparisons. She understands the art of refinement, I consider myself very fortunate and lucky to have Becky to work with, she knows how to knit pictures together from age to age for the pages of a book.

Our next collaberation is a six and a half year project of mine which documents Sir Roy Strong’s redevelopment of his Laskett Garden, to be published in 2014. Again Becky and I will be working through thousands of pictures to what I feel will be a very special book, and am I glad I’m working with Becky on this one as well.

Clive Boursnell, Photographer
cliveb@ndo.co.uk  www.cliveboursnell.com